Ashe Member Handout


General Information


You must fill out a membership form and pay the annual membership fee.

First Semester-First Tuesday in September to Last Tuesday in November

Second Semester-First Tuesday in January to second week in May

All families participating in classes must register as a member and sign a waiver form before participating in classes. If you are new and would like to try a class before signing up you may do so, but a waiver must still be signed first. All class fees should be paid to each individual teacher. Checks for Membership and Facility Fees can be made to ASHE.

Each family MUST sign up for monitor duty 3 times during the semester. There are NO exceptions. If you are unable to do monitor duty you must find someone to take your turn as there is only ONE monitor per Tuesday. This is required so that we can provide adequate supervision for our children. In order for us to have the benefits of these classes we must all work together and do our part. There is a sign up sheet on the front desk.  All families participating in Tuesday classes are responsible to assist in keeping the facility clean and “as we found it” each week.

Students should not bring weapons or any other item that might cause damage or harm to others. Students who do so will be asked not to participate in classes. If your child does any damage to the property or facilities of Bald Mountain Baptist Church you, as a parent, are responsible for repairs or replacement of damaged items.


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