• This Tuesday is our Halloween pot luck lunch at 11:45!  Bring a dish and/or dessert and and a drink to share for lunch.  Kids and adults are welcome to wear costumes.
    Sheyna will be having surgery on November 14 and we have set up a new set of dates to provide meals for her family as she recovers afterwards.  Click on the link below for more information and to sign up to bring a meal.  Thank you for your continued support for Sheyna and her family!
    Attention older Puzzles Plus class members:  Remember this Tuesday is the last Tuesday of the month so that means game day!  Feel free to bring your own board games, card games, or puzzles to share with the class.  (No electronics, please.)  Whitney will have her games and puzzles available as well.  Also as a reminder, we will be having our Halloween potluck lunch on Tuesday just before our class meets.  We WILL still be having class, but it’s fine if students are a little late to class so they can enjoy the lunch.
    Alpha Omega Corn Maze trip is this Thursday.  Please be sure to sign up if you are attending.  $5 for adults, $8 children and $3.50 if you want lunch.
    Our next Warrior 7 Wellness day is Wednesday, December 12.  Cost is $8 per student and one participating adult per family is free.
    Nov. 1 is Alpha Omega Corn Maze Field Trip
    Dec. 7 is our Christmas dinner.
    Dec. 12 Warrior 7 Wellness Field Trip
    April 11 is the ASHE science fair
    April 17 is SciDay at Family Central